FOR BETTER PERFORMANCE use GP2 PRE-WORKOUT half an hour before workout, feel the difference.

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FOR BETTER PERFORMANCE use GP2 PRE-WORKOUT half an hour before workout, feel the difference. Role of Vitamin C in GP2 Pre-work out C can help protect the immune system and help+6 bodybuilders recover from intense training.

For male athletes, Vitamin C will help keep testosterone levels high by supporting a lower ratio of cortisol to testosterone. This will help your body keep up that top level of performance you require on a daily basis. Why B6 in GP2 -Pre-work out? Pyridoxine (B-6): A very important amino acid in terms of protein building and therefore particularly important for bodybuilders.  Additional functions of pyridoxine include the assisting of a strong immune system and a healthy heart.

Amazing Ingredient in GP2 _Pre-workout formulation Niacin (B-3): Niacin contributes in over 50 metabolic processes and therefore is one of the most important of the B-vitamins. The main functions of niacin are hormone manufacturing, detoxification, cholesterol regulation and energy production.  GP2 Pre-workout contains Cobalamin (B-12): As with the other B-vitamins cobalamin helps to ensure nutrient conversion to energy. Cobalamin also assists with energy production in the sense that it helps to keep red-blood-cells healthy, thus enhancing their ability to carry oxygen and nutrients around the body. Reason to add Potassium in GP2 Pre-workout to may help reduce muscle soreness that results from training. Any deficiency in potassium levels may result in decreased strength, and the early onset of exercise induced fatigue. Potassium helps to regulate water balance and is also needed for the synthesis of dietary protein.. Electrolytes are needed for muscle and cell function and aids in rehydration.

1 capsule daily

Store in a cool, dry place after opening.

For adults only. Consult physician if pregnant/nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Keep out of reach of children.

ALANINE                      2 G
L-ARGININE                 2 G
L-CITRULINE               1000MG


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